When I started Bracken Fix in late July 2022, I knew I wanted this to be a long term project.

As such, I created a logo straight away so I would feel like it was a proper company/channel. Only slight issue was that graphic design and marketing are really not skills I possess. I did the best I could though and here was my first logo, created with Canva (very good free logo maker)

Fast forward a month and I really do think this channel is going to be a big part of my life for the foreseeable future. That means proper branding is needed!

My cousin, Sian, owns Office Pearce and is very talented when it comes to all things marketing and branding (among other things, check out office-pearce.de for info). I was soon going to find out quite how talented she was!!

After catching up (she lives in Germany so we don’t talk as much as we should), she asked me about the channel, what I wanted to achieve and generally got an idea about the ‘vibe’ of the videos etc. She said she would work on some ideas and get back to me. I thought she would maybe send me 1 or two jpeg images for the log for me to chose and i would be away.


A few days later, she sends me colour pallet ideas, multiple logo designs, possible font options and EVERY SINGLE ONE was brilliant. They captured the ethos of the channel perfectly. My channel is about a complete novice finding his way making/breaking and fixing electronics and Sian was able to capture that in logo form. I had a real struggle to chose the one I wanted as they would all have worked but, after discussing with my wife and 11 year old son, we decided on an image. Sian said she would tidy it up and send the files over. I assumed she meant she would send over a JPEG and PNG version for me to use.


Another couple of days and Sian sends over my new branding package. It has logos in every variation, banners and favicons for every social media site. Not only that, Sian had taken the time to create a brand new Youtube intro for me. My mind is blown!!

You may says “yeah, but she is family”. Yes, this is true and we are a family that will do anything for each other but this took it to a whole new level. Sian realised that this was important to me and took time out of her EXTREMLY busy life to make a big difference to mine.

This is the first post on my new site and it is gushing about a family member….and I don’t apologise one bit!



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